Rewind 10 years - A sofa set, white tube lights, a TV table, and (maybe!) a carpet from the door-to-door vendor was about the extent of expenditure on a new living room. Interior design was an unknown term and so was its need/importance.

Present year - The definition of ‘interior design’ has changed so much, well… not so much in the dictionary as much in the perspective of a home owner. Today, people are open, willing, and looking forward to spending that extra buck, which until recently was looked at as an “unnecessary expenditure”. Today we look for something unique and aesthetically pleasing while making sure it fits into our not-so-tight budget. Voila, the good news is you can get all this and perhaps a little more with PinkApple, your design studio.

Let’s talk about interiors for homes and homes-away-from-home (hotels, service apartments, and the likes). We’d like to walk into a space that looks beautiful, has warmth, and at the same time is practical. At PINKAPPLE we do just that. We understand that no one knows your space better than YOU, and so, we give you the option of choosing your interiors – from lighting to furniture, from blinds to rugs/carpets – one thing at a time, so when you are done, you are no less than a 100% happy.

THE PINKAPPLE STUDIO is a one-stop design solution for all your product interior requirements. We create custom looks for your space, and pride in the fact that irrespective of the volume of order, we do not compromise on our quality and timelines, be it a residential client or a hospitality client.

At PINKAPPLE the  furniture, rugs/carpets, lighting, wall art and blinds not only spell beauty with a capital B but also enhance your space to bring out the best. Our collection makes you feel at home even in our studio… need we say more!?!