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Creating your perfect home

Creating your perfect home

From recommending colors for the walls to planning the entire layout to bringing the latest trends into your home we conceptualize and execute desings aligned to your style and functional needs

Bulk orders made easy

Combine the benefits of a diverse catalogue of artisanal products with the economies of bulk production, all executed and delivered on time.

Bulk orders made easy

Our mission with artisans




Build your career with us

We bring creativity to life. Join our team.

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Experience a handmade Design Collective

Access a wide range of trendy designer products, customisable, finely handcrafted, rich in tradition and yet affordable. We don’t mass produce or stock our products. Every piece of PinkApple luxury is carefully crafted specifically for your space.

Support the Artisan

We strive to revive age-old craftsmanship, working directly with artisans, introducing them to global trends and expanding their market reach. With PinkApple products, we aspire to uplift their communities economically and give them their due.

We get it done!


If you are an independent architect, contractor or designer seeking hassle-free execution, you’ve come to the right place. Work with us to reliably execute and deliver within the budget and on time. PinkApple artisans only make products to fulfill our customers' orders.