A Rainy day in the Pinkapple Studio

A Rainy day in the Pinkapple Studio


The cloud fights the lightning, and the sky cries. Rain drops touches the warm earth and makes pittar- pattar on the roof top. The sound is so gentle yet so gloomy, like a young lad with a broken heart bleeds in blood. This is the mighty power of rain. A rainy day in THE PINKAPPLE STUDIO is the right place to spend time. Take time and analyse our collection of lifestyle and accessories such as lights, rugs, furniture and so on. Pink apple will help you to turn a demise day into a fun filled day of colours. We believe that a little bit of colour can take sorrows away. THE PINKAPPLE STUDIO is all about designing for what you want. Customisation is also a part of our job. Come and visit us at www.pinkapple.co.in, to helps us to help you. Monsoon this season is not about dim colours such as olive, wine or mid night blue. This monsoon the trend setters are seen in carrying all the bright hues in the palette from scarlet to yellows, a mix and match of contrast colours are making statements and is also influencing the wind that flows In the direction of lifestyle and accessory trends.

THE PINKAPPLE STUDIO came up with the concept of “dreaming in the rain”. Make your frowzy day into a ray of happiness. We will guide you to how this idea of dreaming will make you feel content. The colour red, in a dream represents Passion, Our Scarlet red limited edition collection makes you feel positive and inspires you to be passionate to reach your goals. The colour orange in a dream, means balance in life. Feel the aura of balance by giving a chance to our orangey collections. The lamps make your mind float parallel. Yellow in a dream stands for focus. Focus is an important trait in any successful Human. Let the mind do its thing and order the puff from the pop master Square collections Green in a dream represents healing and love. Sit back and feel the essence of love by getting a closer look in our pop master double puff collection. Blue in a dream means having a lot of thoughts and ideas. Come and purchase our pop master limited edition in hues of blue and keep on dreaming and make them into reality. Hence the collection in THE PINKAPPLE STUDIO asks you to not stop dreaming, ninety eight or eight ,

no matter what the age is be vibrant and bright, no matter how gloomy the days or nights are. Don’t be the thunder in the sky but be the rainbow in the sky. Don’t let the rain stop you from dreaming. CHEERS TO DREAMING IN THE RAIN.