Designer Home Décor Ideas To Make Your Bedroom As Cozy As It Can Get.

Designer Home Décor Ideas To Make Your Bedroom As Cozy As It Can Get.

Our bedroom is the place we turn to when we need an escape from everything else. It is the place we have our loveliest dreams in and feels the safest.  It becomes our safe haven and shelters us from all the chaos of the outside world. It is because of all this that a bedroom needs to be as cosy as possible. You may have a nice cosy living room with lovely interior furniture designs but it is equally important to put the same effort into your bedroom and make it as comfortable as you can.

The elements that make a room feel universally coz are a comfy bed, soft lighting, and designer home decor details that make it feel like home. Check out these bedrooms ideas for inspiration on how to do the same for your own space.


Wooden paneling on the walls and hardwood floors gives a rustic vibe to your bedroom but at the same time gives it a warm and cosy feeling. Adding a nice cool-toned rug and a similar shade of bedding sets off a contrast and helps in lightening things up a bit. This is a wonderful setting for whatever other home designer furniture you might have in your room.



Painting the walls of your bedroom a dark colour like deep grey creates a warm and enveloping feeling. The dark colour of the walls provides a sort of grounding for the otherwise light coloured bedding and home designer furniture. The framed monochrome photographs look pretty on the deep walls and also adds a nice personal touch to the bedroom.



Comfort has a lot to do with happiness and keeping yourself cheerful and what better way to cheer ourselves up than flowers? Floral wallpapers have the potential to instantly transform your bedroom into a beautiful flowery garden. Matching table lamps from an interior designer store and flowers on the bedside table will only enhance this look as will similar bedding.  Keep in mind to choose your floral patterns and colours correctly so as to not have it look too gaudy.



Nothing is cosier than a built-in fireplace in your bedroom. Hearing the crackling of the fire while you are falling asleep coupled is the warm glow that it provides for the room are perfect to lull you to your world of dreams after a stress-filled day at work. Paint the walls pastel lavender for a soothing effect. A comfortable armchair and ottoman from an interior designer store creates an appealing spot to put your feet up and read. A mid-century dresser layered with art adds warmth, and extra throws and pillows on the bed and chair create a sense of comfort and well-being.

Get inspired by these ideas and play with different wall paints, wallpapers and other ornaments. Figure out what calms you and incorporate that into your bedroom to achieve maximum comfort. Happy decorating!