Home Décor Pieces To Add Charm To Your Spaces

Home Décor Pieces To Add Charm To Your Spaces

A home decoration is something that sets one space apart from another. And, you will be amazed to see how different elements and accessories have the power to transform a space completely. Also, the right set of interior furniture designs can not only have an impact on the look and feel of your rooms but can change the functionality and comfort for better.

Most of you find it difficult to accessorize your home and do not where to start for or which pieces will go perfect for your home’s theme or colour palette. However, we from an interior design studio in Bangalore have a few tips for you. Decorating and accessorizing with the right elements is not at all difficult if you know a few basic things about them.

Essentially there are a few things which are a must-have for your home. So, let’s take a look at the things that make home accessorizing exciting and full of fun.

Chic Cushions

Cushions can be fun too if you really want them to be. Apart from interior furniture designs, these cushions are also available in various shapes and sizes. Add the cushions to your sofa sets or couch for an element of warmth and comfort.

Choose the cushion colour that either matches the sofa or wall colour. If you like to add drama, go for cushions that have bold or contrasting colours. Play with creativity and do not just limit yourself to colours. Try out different patterns or shapes of cushions to add your personal touch in the rooms.

Lamp Shades

As per the interior design studio in Bangalore, when you are decorating a space, do not miss out on the little details. On that note, when you are accessorizing, do not miss out on lamp shades. You will find several kinds of them available in the market. Most of them are quite trendy while others are classic. You get to choose from a variety of patterns for various functionality.

The best part of the lampshade is, they are not just decorative pieces but, you can play with the lighting with them. The look and feel of an entire room can be transformed with the right lampshade. For the living room, choose lampshades that stand on the floor and for bedroom, you can use short lamp shades.

Accessories For The Windows

Not just interior furniture designs, but you can do a lot more with window accessories as well. Do not stop at just hanging curtains but, go for other window accessories to add great aesthetic value to the rooms. Go for colourful tassels that you can add to the curtains. Give the curtains some tie-backs so that they look spacious and looks great when they have tied back again.

Add a bohemian touch to the room with necklaces, which you do not use as tie backs. Also, there are beads and other accessories you can hang from the curtains to make a statement.

These are a few of the home decor accessories that interior design studio in Bangalore swear by. If you want to try out some more, there are doorknobs you can experiment with and even wall arts to add a statement to every space in your home.