Integrated Design Studios - Are they coming of age?

Integrated Design Studios - Are they coming of age?

With accelerating disposable incomes, a rising majority of the middle class in India is developing a taste of high-end products and chic spaces. Be it homes, offices, startups, hospitality, retail, educational centers or even healthcare, everyone wants a spatial design that is classy but not pricey. This need motivates people to create bespoke spaces which project character and style that is in line with their thinking, their social status or their service offering in the case of businesses. With the Indian real estate market on the upswing with realty investments in the metros and the Tier 2 cities projected to go up to almost $180 billion by 2020 (this is a 43% jump in the last 5 years), this presents a huge opportunity for interior design studios to create a niche in the integrated design space.

Come to think of it, the journey to create a dream home or office space is an arduous one and it actually begins the moment you get the keys and are ready to move in. If you love the challenge of creating a space that announces a distinct style and class but finds chasing after contractors, carpenters and civil engineers a nightmare, then an integrated design studio is what you need. These studios offer individualized services which can include space planning, lighting plans, customized and themed spaces, and interior accessories to name just a few. PinkApple, for instance, offers solutions of every kind whether you are a homeowner, restaurant, hospital, fitness center, or a corporate office. Offering spatial solutions, they create blueprints, provide costs, customized design plans and have their own line of handcrafted products that enliven your space.

So when it comes to offering one combined solution versus a stand-alone, ‘design only’ or ‘products only’ interior design studios such as PinkApple are singular since they offer comprehensive and holistic services and solutions. With the adoption of technology, customers now get easy access through online portals and offline channels, for quick, affordable and elegant design turn around, design consulting as a service and execution. In fact, technology plays an important role to understand a customer’s needs, crunching time and being cost-effective. With the advent of smart spaces, interior design will require expert engineering and design aesthetics for the complete look that inspires people to give off their best, in any space. We certainly think that integrated design offering is the new idiom. As Steve Jobs once said, “Design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works”. We at PinkApple completely understand the need to make design work. We stand for the love of design.


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