Metal or wood, what to go for?

Metal or wood, what to go for?

Decorating or furnishing your spaces, be it offices, homes, restaurants or pubs, is quite often a challenging affair and while the wrong choices can make a space look dated and unappealing, the right furniture can uplift the aesthetic appeal and the vibe of your space. Furniture today comes in different materials and finishes but a large majority of people prefer wood or metal furniture due to their durability, resilience and hard wearing abilities. What you choose depends on the preference, vibes and ultimately the budget you have and each of these materials comes with its own pros and cons but here are a few factors to consider before picking one or the other.


Today there is a wide range of wooden furniture available in the market for various price points and qualities. Some of the more commonly used types of wood are acacia, teak, mahogany and wild jackfruit. These are hard woods and are quite durable if the wood is well seasoned.


Wooden furniture adds an aesthetic appeal that can be modern while making your audience reminisce about days gone by. They elicit an emotion of nostalgia while giving out an aura of opulence. The ability of wood to be shaped and carved also allows for flexibility of design and the artisanal ability to shine through, like some of the pieces in the Pink Apple design collective (


Although wood is quite hard wearing, it still deteriorates over time and this is an issue which can't be ignored. They need frequent yet simple maintenance to keep them looking new longer. An easy workaround for this is the use of different base materials with wood veneers or laminates, which can give the desired look with the only drawback being the inability to go for ornate or intricate designs.

 Metal furniture, on the other hand, is more resilient and is not affected by the elements easily. These also come in different designs and can last longer than wood. They are less susceptible to nicks and scratches, less susceptible to humidity and are usually less expensive compared to solid wood. From stainless steel to brass, metal components in furniture are flexible and take well to painting too. This makes it truly versatile and easier to integrate with the design concept.

 Ultimately, it comes down to the general appeal of the space that we choose different types of furniture. Mixing and matching different materials can also be a possibility wherein the visible large elements can be wooden while the structural elements that give the robustness to the furniture like the frame could be metal.

 Well designed furniture can enhance the appeal of the space and it is critical to choose the right furniture elements to fit into the design concept of the space. Pink Apple designs and creates bespoke furniture which is one of a kind to fit your space and ideas, perfect to enhance your establishment. Design solutions at