The age of affordable interior design & products

The age of affordable interior design & products

If there is anything that signifies India, then it has to be the mention of vibrant colours and the wonderful and rich cultural heritage of artisanal products. Hand embroidered silk cushions, modern furniture with vintage Indian prints, block printed drapes and furnishings are just a few examples of the interior design trends that are currently making waves.

Ornate furniture, surface embellishments, elaborate artwork and imported furniture has always been the norm for those designing luxurious spaces and therefore interior design in India has forever been associated with the elite. However, in the last decade or so things have begun to change, thanks to many young, savvy and creative designers and design studios that offer luxurious designs at affordable prices and are willing to push the envelope when it comes to design. Further, a growing segment of consumers here are not only curious but are more than happy to experiment with modern Indian design. Therefore, what you get now are spaces that are more individual, adventurous and sophisticated with a touch of 'Indianness'.

A preference for craftsmanship and local materials along with a growing demand to support traditional artisans is pushing a trend that is visible in everything from home décor and accessories to interior design in offices and retail spaces. For instance, lighting is a critical element in design and designers play around with height, shape, design and materials to create the right look for spaces. Here, banana fibre, which is sourced locally, is considered a versatile medium as it not only looks traditional but can be used in several designs across spaces as well. Such unique lighting fixtures are increasingly visible in public spaces such as airports, lobbies of large commercial spaces and so on.

These are exciting times for the Indian interior designer, as there is a huge demand for products and designs that are home grown, but have that touch of modernity and class. With a focus on creating an individual identity and offering customers what they desire, designers are able to provide them with unique and affordable solutions by focusing on traditional crafts. Design studios such as the PINKAPPLE are a testament to this very trend. They design creative spaces for homes, offices, restaurants, SMES and other commercial establishments, and offer their inspiring handcrafted products online through Affordable and accessible to all, their products and bespoke services celebrate India and its rich heritage while maintaining a modern approach to style. The products thus created for interiors are not only innovative but it offers a chance for traditional artisans to be employed effectively as well.

It definitely seems that urban India, not restricted to only the big metros, are actively looking for smart, elegant spaces that make a statement, and yet are affordable. It’s a growing demand and it would do well for designers to cater to this need. It’s a win-win for everyone really. And with integrated design studios also offering a host of services, it surely augurs well for those that design and those who want designs.

So, the next time you are thinking about redesigning the space around you, think designer, think Indian and yes, don’t get worried about whether it’s affordable or not. Come to PinkApple and we’ll help you get a makeover for your space. Because our #LoveofSpace leads us to #LoveofDesign, quite naturally.