Window Covering Design Ideas for Any Kind of Space

Window Covering Design Ideas for Any Kind of Space

Window treatment often goes overlooked. However, since windows are the access to natural light, choosing the right window covering designs can make or break the statement of an entire room. Nowadays in most home decorations, curtains and blinds are used to strike a balance between functionality and décor.

The things you can do with creative curtains and blinds are galore and if you can’t think of anything, let us help you with it.

Internal Window Blinds

If you are a fan of eclectic designing, internal window shades are going to win you over. Choose a Roman shade and make it creative curtains and blinds through certain ideas and tricks. If the window of your bedroom is not quite sizeable but has access to a lot of light the internal window blinds can do wonders.

If you want a bit of edge and drama to the otherwise, blunt bedroom, play around with patterns or other elements of the bedroom so that each style completely adds up to beautiful bedroom décor. The internal window shades will not only provide consistency to the bedroom but, will also look after privacy.

Sheer White Blinds

If you lack windows in your bedroom but want to maximize the light, choose sheer white blinds. The sheerness of the blinds is ideal to make the room spacious highlighting the limited amount of light that is coming in from a single window and spreading it the entire room.

Also, you will not feel too closed off if you have these window blinds at play. Choose a floor to ceiling sheer window blind to maximize the effect of this window covering designs.

Rattan Blinds

Ideal for bathrooms or storerooms, rattan blinds allow little light enough to illuminate a small room and offering privacy at the same time. These types of creative curtains and blinds play well with other motifs of the space if you are willing to make a dramatic appeal.

Classic Shutters

The classic window covering designs complement a monochromatic or beige colour palette, ideal for the living room. The timelessness of the classic shutters mingles well with the contemporary style of the beige colour theme. Style it up with a sofa and coffee table and you are good to go with making a statement.

Multi-Hued Blinds

Give your reading room the cool new edge with multi-hued blinds. The blend of cosy and cool gives it a stylish twist. The modern yet laidback creative curtains and blinds are perfect when you want to adjust the light coming into your cosy reading nook.

You can amp up the playful factor of the room with a fun little swing chair that can give you a timeless seating option when you are indulging in your favourite book.

Dramatic Blinds

Kitchen is an important space in your home then, why not add some drama to it. The bold yet moody red curtains just like any decorative window covering designs offer an elegant sense of drama. For big windows, go for curtains that stretch from the ceiling to the floor and is cinched super-low instead of in the middle.

You can do so much with so little and yet add a sense of drama and elegance with creative curtains and blinds. Just think outside the box and you will see ideas pouring in.