Designer Pendant Lights For Every Lighting Needs

Designer Pendant Lights For Every Lighting Needs

Pendant lights are quite the craze now in most of the modern home set up. These light fixtures add a stylish element to home décor. Since designer pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling through a cable, chain, or wire that acts as the light holder, the design gets them the name pendant.

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Pendant lights range from mini to multi as per your needs. Let’s take a look at them.

Mini/Less Pendant Lights

As suggested by the name, these pendant ceiling lights come at the size of a person’s head or even less than that. Though it is small, there are a variety of shapes available in this section of pendant lights. It instantly brings a modern and fresh look to the room.

However, due to its small design, they are highly focused and are used to highlight specific areas in a room. If you want to create light layering in the room, mini designer pendant lights come in handy. Efficient light layering is effective in reducing the impact of shadows in a room. Thus, it helps in creating an ambience. The most usual places you can see these lights in a home are bar, kitchen island, and pool table.

Bowl Pendants

These are pendant lights that are bowl-shaped and suspended from one or more short stems. When you use larger bowl pendant ceiling lights, they become the central point for lighting in the room. These bowl designs are ideal for larger rooms where more lights are required. However, bowl lights should never be used in places like stairs and balconies since they should be lifted above the eye level.

Lantern Pendant Lights

These are mostly designer pendant lights that are used at places like the lobby, reception, and entrance hall. It not only lights up the area but also provides a good ambience to those spaces. You can use lantern pendant lights where you want to create an impression.

The best part of these lights is that they are not the usual pendant ceiling lights and their design makes them attractive. Pendant lights allow you to increase or decrease the intensity of the light as per the occasion since it has different layers of light.

Drum Pendant Lights

Here the light comes in a drum casing usually made of fabric, stainless steel, or glass. You will find these lights mostly in a contemporary home setting.

These are just the four major designer pendant lights you will find in the market. But these are not all, since there are continuous innovations in the designs and functions of these lights, the homeowners are spoilt for choice. Most of the interior designs now include pendant lights whether for an office, home, or even a party place.

Another great, pendant ceiling lights is the glass pendant lights. They are handcrafted pieces by artisans that adds an artistic touch to the surroundings. A beautifully lit-up home is always aesthetically pleasing and with the right pendant light design, it is now even easier to achieve the ideal ambience and set the mood for every space of your home.