Explore Different Types of Sofa Sets for Every Mood

Explore Different Types of Sofa Sets for Every Mood

A living room without a sofa set is hard to imagine. To add to that, the sofa set is the center of attention for any living room. It can make or break the first impression of your living room to the guests. Thus, whatever you choose, wooden sofa set designs or any other, it is important to highlight your style and ensure comfort at the same time. Since sofa sets are essential commodities for your living room, it is important to invest in them smartly.

We have a careful selection of luxury modern sofa set keeping up with the changing design trends. Classic or modern, mid-century, or contemporary, we have every design piece for every customer need. So, let’s check out the styles and designs sofa sets that are available with us to make an informed decision.

Club or English Sofa

Falls in the classic category and the most versatile of wooden sofa set designs, the English design is defined by the casual style and dates back to the 19th century. As the name suggests, it mostly gets its inspiration from British-countryside and is considered as the most comfortable option of the sofa designs.

Its design constitutes of tight cushions with a backseat that is slightly rolled. It’s the ultimate comfort destination for your living rooms as the recessed arms make it ideal for relaxation with legs turned low on castors.

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Sectional Sofa

One of the most popular luxury modern sofa set designs, you will find this in the most household that has space crunch or has different needs. Since its multi-piece so can be customized easily. Its sectional design comes in various sets like three, five, or even seven.

If your living area is of L or U shape, then this one is the ideal option. They are highly comfortable and are a good furniture option if you are trying to fill up large living room space or even the corners.

Chesterfield Sofa

Not your typical wooden sofa set designs, this design dates back to the 18th century and oozes noble sophistication. If you are into hard-wearing leather sofas this could be your style statement. Its typical features consist of a tuft or low buttoned back, a deep seat with high scrolling arms, and exposed wooden feet. It does not have any back cushions but will go well with vintage style home décor.

Camelback Sofa

It got its name from the tight humped back and originally from the 18th century, designed by Thomas Chippendale. This formal piece is not a luxury modern sofa set but has a sophisticated charm with scrolling arms and no back cushions. The exposed wooden legs somewhat add to the sophistication of the design. This piece is ideal for your entrance hall or lounge room.

Mid-Century Modern

This sofa set gained popularity between the 1940s to 1970s but you will see it elegantly gracing the living rooms of modern times as well. Unlike most wooden sofa set designs, its legs are only made out of wood and add to the minimalistic design. If you are looking for style and comfort rolled into one, this is your go-to design.

The variety of sofa sets available with us are huge and you will be spoilt for choice here. However, you need to decide on your home décor or your style first to decide on the sofa set otherwise the process might get confusing for first-time buyers.