Guide To Different Types Of Lighting For Your Home

Guide To Different Types Of Lighting For Your Home

The right way to light your home goes hand-in-hand with the lighting fixtures. When you implement the ideal lighting strategy or hanging pendant lights to different spaces in your home, the ambience is set instantly. However, getting an idea of the lighting for various spaces might be easier but, choosing the right fixtures is where most homeowners face the challenge.

Designer Pendant Lights For Every Lighting Needs

While, all the names and types of light fixtures might be a little confusing but, our guidance is going to help you choose the best natural wood floor lamp or any other lighting fixtures for your home. Generally, lighting for a home is divided into three broad categories,

  • General Lighting
  • Task Lighting
  • Accent Lighting

Whatever, lighting you will choose, has to come under these three broad categories. Now, let’s get started with the types of lighting and how they are helpful in various situations. 

Ambient Lighting

Also, known as general lighting, ambient lighting is the most common type of lighting you will find in a home. Like, hanging pendant lights, this lighting gives a soft glow and wraps a space without any harsh glare. This enables you to function perfectly without any discomfort from any glare.

Ambient light also goes by the name of “natural light” in cinematography and photography. Ambient light gives you as, natural and flat light as possible. This light will take you safely from point A-to-B but it is not ideal for working closely or for jobs that require acute attention or highlight.

The most common ambient lights are:

  • Chandeliers
  • Pendants
  • Recessed 
  • Track
  • Ceiling

Task Lighting

A smaller and more concentrated light, task lighting is ideally used around workplaces of the home like on the kitchen island where attention to details is required. Task Lighting also goes by the name office lighting since, it gets your job done and is often used for writing, reading, cooking, sewing. A natural wood floor lamp will work well as a task light with a contrasting effect in a low-lit room. You can place it ideally near the sofa or couch in your study or on top of the kitchen island where most of the chopping or peeling is done.

As task lighting works well in contrasting or low-lit rooms, so it naturally stimulates the brain to make it more concentrated and alert on the job. This is why most businesses use task lighting as it helps you deliver the finest work.

Some of the common task lights are:

  • Pendants
  • Swing Arm Lamps
  • Under Cabinet
  • Vanity

Accent Lighting

These lights are mostly used to add drama and style to space. Accent lighting is highly concentrated and is ideal to draw attention to a focal point. Illuminate the decorative pieces in your home with accent lights while the other areas will dull out. If used smartly, hanging pendant lights can be ideal accent lights in certain scenarios.

Types of accent lights are:

  • Wall lights
  • Recessed
  • Landscape
  • Track

Since accent lights are great to add style and drama, so they are ideal to create a sophisticated environment and invokes a feeling of importance on the focused object. This is why natural wood floor lamp is quite popular in places like art shows, museums, and historical buildings. Many occasions are also incomplete without accent lightings like Halloween or Christmas.